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Guidance on Young Carers Activity Allocation

The nature of our Young Carers’ activities, in relation to the large number of Young Carers we support, this inevitably means that we often receive more applications than available places. The Carers Trust Heart of England is committed to the principle and practice of equal opportunities in all its service provision and so, in order to make sure the allocation of the available places is fair, the method adopted is:

  • Priority will be given to young carers who have never been on an activity before with the project.

  • A small number of places are allocated for Young Carers who our Young Carers’ Support Worker has identified as having high support needs.

  • The rest of the places are randomly selected. People who have responded by the activity deadline are collated and then drawn. The reserves list is also decided using this method.

The listed contact is informed about the place and sufficient time given to confirm that the Young Carer still wishes to attend. If we have not heard back by the date given, the place is allocated to another Young Carer. 

There are certain ‘once in a lifetime’ activities, for which we ask Young Carers themselves to explain why they wish to take part. Again, to make this process fair, these responses are independently evaluated by external colleagues, who do not know any of the Young Carers involved. 

We hope you will agree that is the fairest way for us to manage this process but, if you have any questions or suggestions, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us.

Please fill this in for each young carer by entering the registered young carer name in the correct box. Please enter parent email address and phone number in the correct boxes. 
Places will be confirmed via text message to the number stated on the form. Please do not come if you have not had your place confirmed as we may not be able to let you stay if we have too many young carers at the session
Data collected on this form will be stored confidentially and ONLY used to provide your child with activities. 
Choose the Activities You would like a Place on. All activities take place at the Penny Collard Centre, Fleet Street at 17:00 - 19:00 PM unless otherwise stated.