Hi Everyone,

As you may know, our Activities Project has been funded by Children in Need for the last few years. They have been in touch to ask if any of our young carers and their family would agree to having them come to your home and make a short video of the young carer in their caring role. This will be shown on TV to raise the profile of young carer and to show off some of the great work that Children in Need has been funding, and it will look great for the project, and increase our chances of further funding.

Ideally the young carer will need to be between 8 and 12 years old and the video will need to be made by the 11th November, and the young carer will need to come to the Young Club session on Wednesday 8th November. If you are interested, please call Mark on 07428670040 asap

They will also be coming to the Den session next Wednesday (8th) so all young carers who attend will need to have a consent form signed. Due to this the texts will go out a bit earlier this time round and should be with you by Friday.

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