• Mark


Good morning everybody,

We have a massive problem at the moment with communicating with you all regarding activities and project updates..

We usually send out text messages inviting you to activities, but bulk texting isn't working to our advantage any more. Its either splitting our messages into 4 or 5 separate messages, and when sending to 1400 of you at a time, it is using our sms allowance up way too quick which will ultimately end up costing us an absolute fortune. It's converting the message to an MMS which is costing us 20p per message so potentially costing us £240 a month which as I am sure you will agree is crazy money and will eat up our activity budget very fast,leaving us with no activities at all. Both Android and Apple have upped the security levels and it's just not allowing us to send them anymore without using methods that could be very costly to us.

The only way around this is to use Whatsapp Messenger - We will now trial sending out activity invites and updates over that, as we used to via SMS. This is our preferred option as it's free, secure and we can also send out images such as activity posters when released as well making life a lot easier for everybody. To be able to send out messages that will not share your number with everybody else, you MUST store the following number in your phone. 07428 670 040 and have Whatsapp installed on your phone. If you do not you will NOT receive the messages.

If your phone is not able to run WhatsApp or you have any questions, get in touch ASAP via the number above.


Carers Trust Heart of England

6 Queen Victoria Road, 



024 7610 1040


Carers Trust Heart of England is a registered charity number 1057024

Registered as a company limited by guarantee in England and Wales number 3206963